Dottie Barrett Design

Sketches of Portland, Oregon
Line Art with Markers & Colored Pencils
Close to Club Rouge, Portland, OR
Sixth and Pine, Portland, OR
Waiting for the Max, Portland, OR
Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, OR
Powell's City of Books, Portland, OR
The Waypost, Portland, OR
The Steel Bridge, Portland, OR
Neighborhood Near St. Johns Bridge, Portland, OR
Houseboats on the Columbia, Portland, OR
Lunch in the Shade, Portland, OR
By Mr. Taco, Portland, OR
St. Johns Bridge, Portland OR
Along Avalon and Tandoor, Portland, OR
Hanging Out at Pioneer Square, Portland, OR
Leisure Public House, Portland,OR
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These sketches are 8"x10", matted and framed to 11"x14". I draw from life or from my own photographs, first creating a pen & ink drawing. To keep the ink from bleeding when the drawing is colored with markers, I make an inkjet copy of it first. I make no more than 25 copies and color each sketch by hand with markers, water colors or pencils. 

Each piece is unique as it is colored individually, just like an etching from its original metal plate is unique. Each 11"x14" matted and framed sketch sells for $125. 8"x10" framed prints of these drawings are $50. Cards 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" with envelopes are $3. Cards 5"x7" with envelopes are $5.
Click on a sketch for a larger view. To see additional sketches or to purchase one, email mail me or call me at 971-200-9211.