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Good Steps School, a private elementary school in Mesa, AZ
Breathless Hell Cycle Races, a race to benefit the AZ Boy's Ranch, Tempe, AZ
Aquapure Drinking Water, for presentation only
Hope House, a group home for people with developmental disabilities, Eureka, CA
Voices That Challenge, design for the Malta Center, an agency for people with AIDS, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, AZ
Gambeeno's Pizzeria, Gilbert, AZ
No Pity Portland, behavioral consultants for people with autism, developmental disabilities and others, Portland, OR
Handicrafters, Inc., freelance craftsmen, Glendale, AZ
North Carolina Adult Day Services Association, Furquay-Varina, NC
Therapy for Developmental Disabilities, Tempe, AZ
Wildlife World Zoo, for presentation only
Devine, Fischer and Associates, accounting firm, Glendale, AZ
Coming Alive in the Spirit Ministry, a ministry to people with AIDS, Scottsdale, AZ
Arizona Speech Pathology, Tempe, AZ
Dottie Barrett Design, design and illustration, Portland, OR
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From top to bottom and left to right, the companies in the gallery are: 
Good Steps School, Breathless Hell Cycle Racing, Aquapure Drinking Water, Hope House, Voices That Challenge, Gambeeno's Pizzeria, No Pity Portland, Handicrafters Inc., NC Adult Day Services Association, Therapy for Developmental Disabilities, Wildlife World Zoo, Devine, Fischer & Assoc., Coming Alive in the Spirit Ministry, AZ Speech Pathology, & Dottie Barrett Design.
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